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AIFFA_logoAIFFA Npc is a non-profit company founded under Section 21 of the South African Companies Act. It is located in Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose of AIFFA Npc’s establishment was to predominantly promote the art and science of forecasting on the African continent through forecasting summits, seminars, workshops, conferences, and professional training and certification courses delivered in collaboration with international experts and organisations. In this regard, AIFFA Npc has successfully partnered with Delphus Incorporation since 2010 to run the Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF) workshops in South Africa. AIFFA Npc is proud to be the point of contact in Africa for this global certification course, which has benefited hundreds of participants from across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.


AIFFA Npc’s vision is to become the first stop shop and information portal for Africa’s forecasting needs.


AIFFA Npc’s mission is to improve the art and science of forecasting and financial analysis through the following:

  1. supporting and encouraging the development and exchange of information relevant to forecasting and financial analysis through publications, meetings and conferences, and other transmission mechanisms;

  2. promoting the transfer of new and innovative ideas from research to practice including industry and government; and

  3. promoting high standards of forecasting and financial analysis excellence and integrity in the industry.


With a small grant from the National Research Foundation, with a specific mandate to pay for airfares, accommodation, workshops or research activities in the field of forecasting for the principal grant holder and collaborator, a workshop in forecasting with artificial neural networks was successfully run in Stellenbosch in September 2009 and was facilitated by Dr. Sven F. Crone and Dr. Nikolaus Kourentzes from the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting. Because of the need for continuing education in forecasting and to ensure that the training of forecasters would continue even after the NRF grant has ended, the idea to form an institute dedicated to serving the needs of forecasters in South Africa and the greater African continent was conceived. To avoid bureaucratic bottlenecks associated with running a small project in a big organisation, AIFFA Npc was formed as an independent, stand-alone company. This gives AIFFA Npc the flexibility to work with multi-partners without any one institution claiming ownership. Dr. Chipo Mlambo has been the force behind AIFFA, devoting her time and effort to the institute on a voluntary basis. With almost zero capital, AIFFA has managed to build a reputation at home and abroad. However, as reputation builds, so does the demand for more value-added products and services.


AIFFA membership is open to all businesses, both public and private, and to individuals that are interested in forecasting and financial analysis. As a member, you get the opportunity to attend our training courses and other events at reduced fees and prices. Our courses will boost your professional credentials and give your company a competitive edge in your respective lines of business. You will also get an opportunity to network, discuss, explore and share ideas with peers at our events, be it conferences, summits, and public or in-house training workshops.


Member_individualIndividual membership is offered at three levels, that is, General or affiliate, Professional, and Student memberships. You can find out more about these membership categories

I. Professional membership

This membership category is reserved for individuals who:

  • have suitable qualifications and/or experience in forecasting or any other related field from recognised institutions; or
  • have successfully completed the Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF) at all three levels;
  • are considered experts in forecasting or any other closely related field; and currently hold positions in their respective organisations that require them to work with time series data, e.g. as forecasters, demand planners or analysts, and have been in these positions for least 3 years.

***To be considered for this category, please include in your application a detailed report of your work experience and relevant achievements to date that shows your professional standing.

II. General membership

This category is open to all individuals who do not meet the criteria for professional membership. Membership in this category is upgradeable to professional membership e.g. on completion of training programs such as the CPDF at all three levels and/or when the minimum years of experience in the profession are reached.

III. Student membership

This category is only open to individuals who are fulltime students at an institution of higher learning in forecasting, finance or any other related field but cannot as yet be considered experts in their respective fields of study.

***To be considered for this category, please submit proof that you are indeed a student, e.g. a valid student card or confirmation letter from your university or college.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member, you will not only increase your professional standing in your field of expertise but you will also:

  1. get to participate at AIFFA annual general meetings and conferences at reduced fees
  2. get special discounts on any of our skills development training workshops and other events
  3. get to receive our monthly newsletter at no charge
  4. get to contribute to the newsletters by submitting your own articles, opinion pieces and comments
  5. get access to AIFFA’s “Member Only” webpages
  6. get access to our research and guidelines on solving the challenges that you face in your profession
  7. get to network and share ideas with other forecasting or finance professionals at anytime
  8. get to develop links with businesses and professional bodies who have similar interests
  9. get to enjoy the support of world’s renowned experts in your fields
  10. get to contribute to the advancement of the forecasting and finance disciplines


Member_corporateCorporate membership is open to any organisation that subscribes to AIFFA’s vision and mission and that share its cause and/or intends to contribute to defining what AIFFA does and/or stands for. There are four categories for corporate membership: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each membership category is commensurate with the size or level of contribution of the corporate member.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Participation in AIFFA annual general meetings and conferences
  • Your employees pay reduced fees on their individual memberships
  • You get reduced fees for exhibition space at our conferences
  • You get reduced fees for advertising space in our monthly newsletter
  • Your employees get special discounts on registration fees for our training workshops
  • You get a free monthly newsletter
  • You get special rates for consultancy services provided by AIFFA affiliated experts
  • You get special rates for in-house training workshops


AIFFA has two professional designations – Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF) for its forecasting members and the Certified Professional in Financial Modelling (CPiFM) for its finance members.

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